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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have to pose nude?
A: No……I shoot in a range of styles, many of which give a romantic sensual feel to your images. That said, most ladies find it quite a thrill to reveal a little more than normal……You choose the level you are comfortable with, you’re in charge throughout the shoot

Q: Will my photo’s be posted on your website?
A: Only with your agreement. I like to be able to display my work, but recognise that you may not want your most intimate moments posted for all to see. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Q: Will other people be able to see me at the shoot?
A: No. My studio is totally private. You can have someone with you if you wish….but space is limited to just one additional person.

Q: I’ve never been photographed in a studio before….What about nerves?
A: Being nervous is totally natural. Very few ladies attend a shoot without some degree of apprehension. To remedy this, I take my time to settle you in and allow you to get familiar with the process (one reason for all my shoots being at least two hours)….starting with normal everyday shots: portraits, casual, etc….often fully clothed and comfortable. That way, you get settled down and feeling far more confident for the boudoir shots.

Q: Why do your shoots take so long?
A: As above…..My intention is to get the very best images for you to treasure. I recognise that, for most women, a boudoir shoot is not an everyday occurrence. Allowing you time to settle in and overcome your nerves is important. Once you start to enjoy the shoot, that’s when we start to get excellent photos. Allowing you to have that time and to build your confidence is crucial. It’s this which sets my sessions apart from those who offer 30 mins or an hour….with the result that you feel rushed and nervous, resulting in average or poor images.

Q: Do I have to bring my own lingerie?
A: I do have a large selection of lingerie and several high quality corsets….all of which are available to use on your shoot. However, to ensure that sizes are suitable for you, it’s recommended that you bring a small selection of items yourself. Some suggestions for what you may want to bring include:

  • Bra and panties/thong/string
  • Suspenders and stockings
  • Babydoll or sexy nightgown
  • Mans shirt and tie
  • High heels
  • Beads, bangles and jewellery

Q: If I’m brave enough to request some naughtier photos, are they allowed?
A: Yes. As long as your requests are legal and with full consent, I’m happy to shoot to all levels.

Q: How do I book a shoot?
A: Simply contact Mike Lester Photography with your details to arrange a convenient date and time.

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