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Glasan Lease Agreement

If you want to share with a friend, either in a room or in the same house, you must apply through your student portal. Please note that the roommate you want to share with must have already applied through the online system and provide you with the TCAS reference ID number so that you can apply to share with them. For more information, please visit this link. In case of early departure, the rent is not reimbursed and students remain responsible for the full payment of the rent after receiving the application form. You have signed a fixed-term rental agreement and if you wish to leave early, you will remain responsible for all rents due and no refund is granted in case of rents already paid. If the tenant resigns after the payment of the first contribution or at any time during the rental agreement, the rent is reimbursed only after the resale and payment of the sleeping room. The cancelling tenant is responsible for the rent for each period until the new tenant arrives. Glasin is not obliged to find a replacement tenant. We now accept deposits for semester 1 and semester 2 2020-2021.

Please log in to your student portal to pay your down payment online Most of the laws in force have been introduced in recent years to protect tenants and give them rent security. Simply place your rental agreement, which sets a term and rent, among other things. Under normal circumstances, the early termination of a tenancy agreement by a tenant would fall under the jurisdiction of the RTB, resulting in a loss of rent. Subject to the circumstances of termination, the landlord is generally allowed to withhold the security deposit in order to mitigate the rent lost if he cannot rent the property immediately. Once you`ve logged into your student portal, click on the Resident Administration, then change the password and fill in the details you want. Make sure you save your new password. Security deposit: 300 euros must be paid on confirmation that the application has been accepted and is refunded 6-8 weeks after departure less damage or missing items. Wear is taken into account, but excessive damage must be borne by the student. A full statement of account is available to each resident. The deposit can be made by bank transfer, please contact us on 091 773333 for our bank details.

Wi-Fi passcodes and maintenance will not be provided until the signed lease is returned to the office. Glasan Village remains open for the use of our residents. It is the same as any rental home in the country. We are bound by the right of rental and we must comply with the guidelines of the RTB in order to keep your lease in effect until May 31, 2020. We will therefore continue to provide real estate in a normal manner until the HSE changes its guidelines and orders us to close all residential real estate. I stayed heard for the academic years 06/07, 07/08 and 08/09. The only reason I came back was because my parents could afford it and it was across the street from the university. Firlstly don`t expect to return your deposit, they use this from the bulb exchange for repainting (Store 30Euro to paint on the wall using a blu paint mark). They will also be paid to have cleaning agents at the end of the year, even though the house was immaculate. Second, the BSE bills, in my third year, we lived above the store in Glasan apartments. We are almost certain that our bill was electricity and ours. The BSE bill goes first to the glasan office, so you don`t have confirmation if it was only for your apartment/house.

Third, parking, my friend was stuck three times in Glasan.