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Framework Participation Agreement (Fpa)

This call for proposals aims to conclude a framework partnership agreement (VPA) with a European organisation representing the interests of consumers in European standardisation activities. The call aims to create a framework partnership agreement for the financing of activities leading to an increasing participation of the actors of society in the European standardisation process. 1. The status of personnel seconded in a civilian crisis management operation by the Union and/or the armed forces that contributed to a military crisis management operation carried out by the European Union by the Republic of Korea is in line with the agreement on the status of armed forces/missions, if concluded, between the Union and the State or State in which the operation is being carried out. The VPA serves as the basis for the signing of specific cooperation agreements between the two parties. The conditions for the Republic of Korea`s participation in EU-led crisis management operations should be set out in an agreement setting a framework for possible future participation, rather than setting these conditions on a case-by-case basis for each operation concerned. By signing the agreement, both sides committed to addressing common security challenges in Asia and elsewhere. 2. The Republic of Korea informs the commander of the European Union operation in due course of any changes to its participation in the operation. This framework paves the way for strengthening Vietnam`s role in the established international mechanism for world peace and security and strengthens its cooperation with United Nations peacekeeping agencies.

The agreement provides for regular consultations between Brussels and Hanoi on security and defence issues, to enable Vietnam to improve access to EU training and capacity-building activities and to improve information exchange in the framework of missions and operations of the Common Security and Defence Policy (PSDC). In view of this agreement, Vietnamese personnel and troops will be able to contribute to the EU`s civilian and crisis management operations by strengthening military cooperation and exchanges not only between Vietnam and the EU, but also with EU Member States. The VPA also creates the conditions for other ASEAN members, who are already close economic partners to the EU – such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines – to follow Vietnam`s lead and extend the scope of their bilateral cooperation with the EU to the area of security. One aspect of the defence of the relationship is the Framework Participation Agreement (VPA), which would facilitate Vietnam`s increased participation in crisis operations. The two sides have been trying for a few months to sign the VPA and the signing is expected to come shortly after the conclusion of the negotiations during the visit to Vietnam in August of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission. It also paves the way for Vietnam`s participation in humanitarian crisis management activities, based on the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter and international law, the main principle of which is the right to choose the areas and levels of participation that can be taken into account based on its partner`s external policies, requirements and capabilities.